Mistress Luciana

My Kinks

You little stupid worm will pay the mistress your luxury here with a tribute, send me vouchers or meet me at a cash and go and put your
hard-earned money in front of my boots.

Like every woman I love to dress my feet in style. Both in beautiful stockings or nylons, which caress my feet and legs like a tender lover, and in shoes and boots with a high heel. Which man does not like to look down to the ground to watch and enjoy this spectacle. Before you have the honour to touch my feet at all, to caress them or even to massage them, you have to do some tasks that show me that you are worth to taste the aroma of my feet. If you have managed to earn this reward, you can look forward to taking care of my feet, massaging them after a long day or varnishing my feet and carefully putting some cream on them. Nylons, boots, high heels, stockings, nylons, foot care and varnish, odor training, trampling


I love the feeling of latex on my skin: When it envelops my body firmly, but still gently caresses it. I love the soft squeak that comes
with every little movement and the irresistible latex smell that this material exudes. I love it when the sweat runs along the body under the latex skin. I like to live out my special preference for rubber in many different ways and as intensively as possible, whether in the black area or in the clinic. Do you share my feelings for this wonderful, exciting material? Do you perhaps want to make your first experiences as a rubber doll, with a mask that tightly encloses your head, an even tighter corset and rubber panties that hold your most sensitive part of the body immovably exactly where it belongs? Do you want to become my perfect, helpless and absolutely obedient Rubberdoll? Then place yourself trustingly in my young, yet experienced hands! I will dress your body completely in latex, gladly up to the complete motionlessness. For my pleasure you will sweat without end and you will want to squirm, but that won't do you any good, because in the vacuum bed you won't even be able to move your toes, but will be completely fixed from hair to toes!Latex education soft to extreme , Latex programs and latex discipline , Complete rubber fixation , Heavy Rubber , Rubber doll forming (education to rubber doll or education to latex whore) , *******d corsets , Long-term treatment in rubber , Exceptional rubber excesses , Vacuum and rubber
bag , Tubing , Rubber bondage , Watergum , Completely packed in rubber , Rubber minimization , Rubber clinic , Deprivation sweating cures

The cold sterile atmosphere of an examination room or sickroom. The distinctive smell of a hospital. The cold metallic instruments. At some point everyone has to go to an examination, be it to the vet, to the physical examination or as an initial examination for your slave service and I will be your sadistic doctor. By means of unpleasant and embarrassing examinations I will determine to what extent you are
healthy and suitable for me. At the latest at the irritation reaction test about needles you will succumb to your beautiful doctor and gladly
take part in every further examination. Together we will see how the SFT (slave fitness test) will turn out for you.Doctor in the clinic, standard to extreme, introduction programs for newcomers, rubber clinic, injection and injection under injection, needles, catheter, enema, urethral dilation, plastering, surgery simulation, embarrassing examinations, stances, experiments, extraordinary role plays

The sadistic game is one of my favourite passions. I will make your body tremble through the play of ice and hot wax. But that is far from enough for me. Through extensive CBT, sometimes very extreme, I will bring you to your knees Whimpering you will kneel before me and yet you will crave more. You will be greedy for my humiliation and want to take up a part of me in you by spitting. If your nipples are hard, I will really maltreat you with my long fingernails, weight them down with weights or embellish them with tight clamps. But that is not enough for me. I'll kidnap you and lock you up in a dungeon. I will make you on a *******d diet of bread and water, or if my mood allows it, you will take in food against your will. If you resist, I will show you how electrifying my sadism can be. If your body is too hairy for me, you will lose it faster than you can scream.

CBT, ballbusting, wax, ice cubes, humiliation, spitting, extradition, tunnel games, tickle torture, electricity, jail time, long term education, kidnapping, ******* feeding, *******d hair removal, nipples and intimate torture, staged slashing, branding, nailing

Classical education has always had a very special appeal for me. I love to see the naked fear in your eyes when I just lift the cane or the crop - because you know that if you deserve it, I can strike very hard and relentlessly - and I will! How wonderful it is, when the slave body jerks already when I only lift the arm or give the hint of a blow! And then the crop, the cane, the whip rushes mercilessly down on your maltreated slave body! When my cane dances unrestrainedly over your body and leaves its mark there mercilessly, we both get *******icated by the whistling sound that the cane leaves when it cuts through the air. It's not unusual for me to get goose bumps when I let you suffer like this! Yes, I enjoy your pain, which you suffer only for me, to the fullest, and I bathe extensively in your fear while I torture you! And if you should bend and squirm too much in pain, I will fix you without further ado, whether with chains or in a hogtie, so that I can work on the soles of your feet in all peace of mind as punishment. In the Classical Education you are forbidden to touch her from the first to the last minute you are at the mercy of your mistress, while she can, however, if SHE wants, always beguile you with her closeness and her beautiful grace. At the same time she remains unyieldingly strict and imperious. But you have to submit to your mistress completely. Can you do that? Then prove it to me and place yourself finally in my strict hands. Let yourself fall so much that you will be lost forever helplessly and will completely fall for my beauty, my charisma, but also my strict dominance. Then you will see that my sadism knows no limits: You too will still be writhing at my feet like a useless little slave worm!

Bastonande, slaps in the face, spanking, hard cane training, hogtie, bondage (rope, chains, foil, tape), crop, cane, whip, role playing

Little pigs keep getting lost in my stable. Since I have a heart for animals, I naturally take care of these animals. But of course, the
animals must first be examined for their health, not that my other pigs are still infected with a disease, is the pig fit, it is spoiled by me
with food, so that it is fattened up nice and fat, because the pigs can not stay a lifetime with me, you have another purpose. So that the pig does not feel too well, I torture it from time to time, drive it through the area, so that the meat also keeps a good quality. When the big day has come for the fattened pig and I want to sell his meat, I put on my white rubber boots and rubber apron. Before that everything that is needed is prepared. Buckets and a bowl are also brought in. The pig hears the steps of the butcher who is approaching the stable. He does not suspect anything yet. The door opens and the pig is driven out, caught by the hind leg with a rope and pulled into the prepared slaughterhouse. It is hung up so that it cannot run away and waits until it surrenders to its fate. The last juice is taken from the pig, so the offspring are secured. Afterwards it is processed further.Breeding of different kinds of pigs. Animals (pigs, calves, sheep), fattening, long-term stable stay, *******d feeding, intensive preliminary examination, *******d insemination, fixation and stable breeding, staged Schxxxng, are educated: dog, pigs, horses (circus, tournament, dressage horse, breeding stallion). I know expressly on it that it concerns here only a role play, with which I hurt neither someone nor cause damage. I decline requests for extreme games (inflicting physical damage or wounds) in this area.

For the gourmet I offer KV in different forms. Either in a session directly from the mistress. Or by shipping directly to your home. So you
can totally enjoy the brown gold .NS bottled, KV directly or shipping

The following practices have absolutely no appeal to me. Therefore also no inquiries about it :
Vomit / Roman shower, menstrual feeding, stomach tubes, deep cutting, any intimate contact!!!!, permanent damage, lust / leakage slave training, hand jobs, wank off, etc. Facesitting naked or in panties, sessions naked, curious beginners without experience IMPORTANT! Intimate contact of any kind is absolutely forbidden and undesirable !!